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Wandernotes between the years

Between the years
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Four small groups of friends, previously unaware of each other’s existence, met at the dusk of one year to become one big family at dawn of the new one. Aside from me, literally no one knew more than a single fellow traveler. I knew three, which was still a pretty small number considering we were 8-10 peeps. And it was a weird constellation as well, since we were from all over Europe doing all kinds of stuff for a living. Well okay, half of the group did something with media, but who doesn’t these days?

The Pure guys were super nice and offered to let us crash at their surf lodge in Vila do Bispo. In return, we had to take care of the building a little because no one had been there for a while. When we arrived at the lodge, it was freezing and wet. The challenge for the first day was set - get comfortable, gather some wood and turn on the oven. Our main goal: organize a little something to drink and get to know each other.

Everyone had had a heck of a year and this little vacation seemed like the well-earned finale - the pay-off for a lot of hustling. When we weren't hanging out, we drove around and goofed off under the guise of a spot check. We found little waves and everyone surfed at least once during the trip, even though more than half of the crew had never touched a surfboard before. But as mentioned, the mission was to have a good time, nothing forced, not worrying about capturing the sickest footy.

The days went by, while we explored the nature either by foot or by car, with a little surfing thrown in here and there. Everything just happened in such an unconstrained manner that I can't even tell what exactly we did each day. We were caught in a time-loop of ease and relaxation.

At the peak of our comfort - we became one big group of friends – however, another group started to disturb our peace. Unlike us, though, this was not a group of travelers but of craftsmen with the mission to renovate the floors of the entire building. We helped them for about an hour but quickly decided to get the hell out of here - especially because it was someone’s birthday the next day. So, we set off towards Lisbon.

After we got out of the car, time seemed to fly. I remember playing the good old fashioned bar game in Bairro Alto, enjoying a doob there and witnessing two lovers behind a thin wooden wall. It was all such a blur. The next day was quickly upon us and so came the end of our cozy trip. We all left the country on different planes, yet we were still united by a huge hangover.

When I think back on it now, it’s like one of those hip Venn diagrams- those weird circles that overlap in the middle. At the beginning, the circles were barely tangent but as we said good bye on the last day, everybody could feel that we had become one unified circle.

images by Matze Ried & Basti Mowka

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