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Beyond the streets of Lisboa

Under the bridge
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Sleeping in? No chance! For the anuell holiday'16 collection we had to set an alarm. A cup of instant coffee and let's go, because when the light and the location meet at the right time magical moments could hit the film.

Sightseeing isn't bad at all, but you won't find places in a marco polo that amaze you and stay therefor in your memory longer than a souvenir from just another crouded place filled with tourists armed with DSLRs.

If by mistake or just a chat with the locals you'll experience the things worth remembering.

At 6am the coffee tastes fine even without milk - well, at least it helps you orientate. The van's starting on first try and rush hour is far away. The drive up towards the Christo Rei statue in Almada, right in front of Lissabon turned out to be a piece of cake. The amazement rises along with the sun. The graffities unite to a colorful mosaic, a piece of art that builds up a humongous atmosphere in combination with the ruins and the sun being reflected by the ocean. If we would have found this place alone? I don't think so.

There's so much to discover when you leave the save path, walk up to a foreigner and listen to it's experiences.

Even though it's still way to early on my watch we're not the first ones here. Some Fishermen are awaiting us at the peer at the river Tejo. Interested in our doing they are still focussed on their tasks. So are we. The majority on images were done before heavy clouds darkened the sky - so thanks to the local knowledge of our photographer Matze and the motivation gained by the glorious spot the lookbook could emerge.

It does not need to be far from home, you do not necessarily need a car or a seat on the plane to experience the feeling of freedom. Start wandering, leave your daily business behind and try new paths to discover novelty.

That's what it's about - even if it's just a place under the bridge.

words by benni
images by stansen

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