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Rua de Vicente,
RC E sc

TELLY: 913 255 564

opening hours

The exact hours?

It'll be something around
9.30 - 13.00
15.00 - 19.00

I guess. We'll see.


Last winter the guys'n'gals of Pure Surfcamps and Funride Surfshool approached us and told us the story of a little jewel located in the middle of the Algarve surf stronghold Sagres. We took the chance and accepted the deal - we would take care of the small Shop, try to make it special, try to transport the message we want to express with our apparel into four walls.

The trip to Portugal started in total chaos, we had a plan for the shop set up but did not know at all if we are able to transpose it in a country we havent worked on that kind of stuff. Obviously I had to sleep in big time, so i missed my train to the airport, had to wake up my good friend around dawn. On a Saturday. After a huge bender. Gladly he agreed to shuttle - if I promise him to bring him a little gift. I barely checked in my suitcase and relaxed for the first time that day. Not for long - "Please come to the suitcase re-check, we found something weird in your suitcase". Who would have known that it's illegal to bring lighters on a plane. 72 lighters to be exact.

But we made it to Faro, met some old friends that agreed to help us with the little shop immedeately. We drove down to the shop that same night and tightend our plans. Beers were drunk and in the middle of the night we had our shopping list for the next day, still not knowing if we would get all the crap we need on the western-most point of continental europe.

Still a little hungover we hit the road in the morning, had some sweet deals on the fleamarket and checked the warehouses - we wouldnt get what we wanted, but we might get something similar. back to shop. Lets replan everthing, start painting the walls, do small stuff.

Now I'm standing in the shop, it'll open its doors for the first time. Five long and exhausting days past but we managed to get everything done. I'd even say we managed to get everything right. We had to rely on the local knowledge and want to say thank you to everyone who helped us made the shop what it is today. In my opinion a beast but let the pictures speak for themselves.

images by Matze Ried

About Anuell

wanderlusting streetwear est mmv.

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We are inspired by surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and the constant but unfulfilled hunger for the next trip. Whoever likes to travel knows that sometimes the essentials is all you need. That’s why we rely on timeless styles and quality goods instead of chasing the newest fashion fads. With discreet colors, creative prints, and an eye for detail we want to open your eyes towards what matters most:

the sea, the mountains, the road

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